Sonja Kalo和Albert Davidov到卧龙参加志愿者工作


    2005年11月10日至12日,来自英国的Sonja Kalo和男友Albert Davidov到卧龙参加志愿者工作,在离开卧龙之前,Albert决定认养他饲养的那只大熊猫,并表示,回到成都,就将认养费用汇到卧龙大熊猫俱乐部。

    During Nov. 10 to 12, Miss Sonja Kalo and Mr. Albert Davidov aviod the volunteer work of Wolong, and before their left, they wanted to adopte the panda, which they feed in the two days. they will transfer the money to Wolong Panda Club when they arrive Chengdu.