Ann Marie Plubell女士及朋友访问卧龙


    2005年10月28日,Ann Marie Plubell女士及朋友访问卧龙。在此之前,Ann Marie 已经将 10000美元汇入卧龙大熊猫俱乐部,她希望这些钱不仅可以帮助大熊猫,并且可以帮助照顾大熊猫人们。 当天晚上,Ann Marie Plubell与她去年资助动手术的饲养人员瞿春茂共进晚餐,看到瞿春茂眼睛恢复了很多,Ann Marie 感到非常高兴。

    On Oct. 28th, Miss.Ann Marie Plubell and her friends visited Wolong. Before this, she had already transferred 10000 us dollar to Wolong Panda Club. she said this money not only help the giant panda, but also the keeper and the expert. During that dinner, Ann Marie Plubell shared with the keeper Qu Chunmao, who was supported by her for the eye operation.

2004年,Ann Marie Plubell女士捐助专项经费帮助工作人员瞿春茂治疗眼睛

Ann Marie Plubell女士与熊猫宝宝