H. R. Mcleod M. D 全家访卧 H R. Mcleod M. D family visited Wolong


    2005年5月29日至30日,H. R. Mcleod M. D 全家来访卧龙,Mcleod先生在2003年认养卧龙大熊猫,并以自己小女儿的名字命名。次年,继续认养熊猫,用大女儿的名字命名。今年,他又用自己太太的名字命名。他说:希望全家人都能够结下熊猫情缘,此次,带领全家来到卧龙,让家人能够亲密接触到大熊猫,是他一直以来的愿望。

    On May 29 to 30, H R. Mcleod M. D family visited Wolong, Mr. Mcleod adopted giant panda from 2003, at that time, he named the panda follow her little daughter, in the next year, renewed the adoption and use his first daughter's name, this year, he would like to use his wife's name to name the baby panda, he said: he want to guide his whole family to visit Wolong for a long time, it realized now.

H R. Mcleod M. D family

H. R. Mcleod M. D的妻子抱着宝宝喜不自胜

H. R. Mcleod M. D的女儿和宝宝一样美丽