Helen Woo女士继续认养2002年出生的Ping Ping


    2005年3月11日,卧龙大熊猫俱乐部收到了美籍华人Helen Woo女士寄来的一张500美金的支票,Helen Woo女士在2002年9月参观卧龙的时候认养了当年出生的一只大熊猫宝宝,取名为Ping Ping, 此后,一直继续认养。但2004年9月,她寄来的支票,卧龙方面始终未能收到,原因不详。其间,她一直与卧龙大熊猫俱乐部保持密切联系,查找支票下落,但最终未果。因此,在今年2月,她又寄出了500美金作为继续认养费用,现在已经完好无损的到了工作人员手中。衷心感谢Helen Woo女士对大熊猫保护事业的关心。

    On March 11, there is a 500USD check came from Ms. Helen Woo. In Sep. 2002, when Helen first visited Wolong, she adopted a new cub, and named Ping Ping, in the next years, she renew the adoption every year, but the 2004 check lost by any unknown reason, during that time, she keep in touch with the panda club staff, after make sure the check lost, she sent another one in this Feb. and arrived this afternoon, Thanks goes to Helen Woo for her focus and generous donation.